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    A Review of Heidi St. John's Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Daylight

    Heidi St. John’s second book in “The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to…Daylight” really hit home with me. She says, “How to Fit Your Size 16 Day into a Size 10.” That really speaks to my schedule as a wife, homeschool mom, independent marketer, and home maker. I feel like I am always trying to squeeze one more minute of productivity into my day. Case in point, as I write this at 10:00 at night while watching my email box and Facebook page. Can you relate?

    Heidi’s writing is very straight-forward, and she hits you right where it hurts. She gives such great advice, too. Is your husband your number one priority after God, or does he always get the left-overs? Ouch! Is your schedule so packed, you need to write in time to be sick or have a day of rest? Heidi has such a great approach to being over-scheduled --- don’t do it! Allow yourself some white space on your calendar, and that does not mean from 12 midnight to 6 am. Ahem! Toes are getting stepped on across the country.

    Throughout our lives, we go through seasons. Some seasons of life are long, such as our marriage years, and some seasons fly by, such as raising our children. One lesson Heidi really nailed it for me was that the heart of our children is much more important than the academics. I know I push so hard to get through the academics most days, and the heart issues are sometimes put on the back burner. I have made changes in my own heart to purpose to spend more time on the heart and not let the academics carry me away.

    Heidi wraps the book up so well in the chapter on Surrendered Daylight. I have a certain amount of time with my children before they are grown and move out. I want to purpose to love the Lord with all my heart, love my husband, and love my children. If the love tanks of first my husband and then my children are full, then I have been successful. If my children learn from me and their dad to love the Lord with all their hearts, mind, and soul, then we have done what God ordained for us to do. Of course, our children have their own free wills to choose their own paths when they are adults, and hopefully, the seeds we have sown will root and grow through adulthood.

    If you are a busy homeschool mom like me, I recommend both of Heidi’s books. They are well worth your time! Just be prepared to have your toes stepped on occasionally.

    Tami Fox
    Wife to 1

    Homeschool Mom of 6

    * Heidi provided a copy of her book, The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Daylight and Journal. The review is my own.

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